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Iโ€™m running the Canyons 100 mile race in April! This will be my first experience on these iconic trails and I am using this blog post to capture some of my planning. Iโ€™ll be making updates as the race approaches!

All information here has been updated for the alternate 2023 course.

22 hour splits ๐Ÿ•

Here are my roughly estimates splits for a 22 hour finish of the Canyons 100 mile.

Aid StationDistanceAvg GainAvg PaceAidClock
No Hands 13.57610:0009:35 AM
Cool 1338515:00310:23 AM
Cool 27.815511:091012:00 PM
Browns Bar 14.26211:11512:52 PM
ALT5.417512:4652:06 PM
No Hands 212.58111:0254:29 PM
Mammoth Bar421614:0055:30 PM
Drivers Flat7.927714:25157:39 PM
Cal 29.318612:2139:37 PM
Forest Hill8.328017:281012:12 AM
Cal 28.38812:1031:56 AM
Drivers Flat9.318511:49154:01 AM
Clementine8.412009:3155:26 AM
No Hands 33.76509:2736:04 AM
Finish3.528316:0007:00 AM

Iโ€™m not counting on any crew and will be using drop bags at the aid stations. Iโ€™m also not planning to have a pacer.

You can see some of my latest runs and past race reports here. This would be my fastest 100 mile finish time, but also the most runnable course I have done and fifth 100 miler!

Sunset, sunrise ๐ŸŒ…

  • Sunset is at 7:54 -> I will pick up additional night gear at Driverโ€™s Flat.
  • Sunrise is at 6:09

Other estimates โŒ›

  • โ€œFastestโ€ time according to UTMB: 20:56 ๐Ÿค” This is only a few minutes less than the original course which doesnโ€™t seem right.
  • Strava estimated moving time: 18:37 ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ I uploaded the GPX file to Strava and you can check it out at Strava or in the embed below. I think this estimate is closer to what the winners will finish in than what my time will be.

Ultrasignup rating distribution ๐Ÿ†

Here is a quick graph showing all runners in the 100 mile distance bucketed by their UltraSignup rating.

UltraSignup rating distribution

UltraSignup rating distribution

This overestimates when a name has multiple ratings, e.g. John Smith has a 65% and 95% rating. Iโ€™m not sure how to handle this and defaulted to the higher rating. There are also runners with no rating and many runners that have a high rating across very few races that may not have been super competitive.

Iโ€™m currently 28th in males over 40 years with an 81% rating, but after some manual checking of runners, this is closer to low teens. The spreadsheet is available online on Google Sheets.


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