2022 Moab 240 DNF

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Achilles still has not recovered from the Mog100, giant nodules and the entire ankle was swollen. Had it taped well for the first 70 or so miles but took it off because it changed my stride which was leading to other problems. Someday I will start a 200 without a preexisting injury.

Beautiful views along the Moab 240 course

Beautiful views along the Moab 240 course

Some other notes.

  • I started super easy. Took a short rest in the shade for about 10 minutes in the first 20 miles.
  • The first morning was hot! 22 miles between water was rough in those conditions. I drank a 1.5 liters at the water drop and carried about 3 more for this section.
  • I think I was in 5th at one point, 8th going into Island aid station.
  • I took a dirt nap x2 for about 45 minutes total on the climb to Bridger Jack. The stillness and quiet at 4am in the desert was awesome.
  • The Achilles flared up on the ascent to Bridger Jack, probably worsened by the cold and the nap leading to additional tightness.
  • I never felt exhausted or out of energy. Was able to eat/drink anything during the race. I kept solid foods to a minimum during the hottest part of the first day. Was never dehydrated and had probably 2000 mg sodium (salt sticks) the first day afternoon.
  • Left pinky toe was a giant blister. I think all the kt tape made the shoe one size too small. I also switched to a backup pair of shoes and the Hoka Speedgoat 5s are just more flexible than the 4s in the toe box. I started the race in 5s.
  • Walking up the slimy wet wash to the Island aid station sucked. Never had to worry about quicksand on a trail race before.
  • The moonlight was awesome. I left the Kogalla light in the drop bag the first night.
  • No crew, no pacers.

I’ll walk it in for 20-30 miles, not for 120.


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