2022 Mace's Hideout 100 Race Report

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The Mace’s Hideout 100 was an outstanding, but brutal race put on by Tempest Adventures in the Wet Mountains of eastern Colorado. The race was very low key with only 19 runners, but was incredibly well staffed at aid stations, perfectly marked, and a wonderful experience.

Great scenery along the course

Great scenery along the course

About the course

There are a few main sections to this course that vary considerably and make for an interesting course!

  1. Climb to Greenhorn - The initial climb from the start at Pueblo Mountain Park to the crest of the Wet Mountains and aid station at Greenhorn.
  2. High Desert - The descent from Greenhorn, traverse of the desert portions, and climb back to Greenhorn aid station.
  3. Crest Traverse - The Greenhorn aid station to St. Charles Peak and the unofficial aid station at Highway 165.
  4. Canyon Descent - The descent (and climbs) from Highway 165 to the finish.
Map of the course

Map of the course

Elevation profile

Elevation profile

Climb to Greenhorn

This is the first 18 miles of the course. It’s runnable in many places, but I definitely took it easy. The last couple miles of the climb were very loose and quite steep in a number of locations.

High Desert

This part from the Greenhorn aid station down to the lower elevation part of the course is very runnable. The biggest issue I faced here was the heat. If I was in better shape, I would have been running a lot of this section and much faster than I did. The climb back up to Greenhorn was slow for me as I kept sleep walking!

Runnable trail

Runnable trail

Crest Traverse

This part of the course is very difficult to run, but I really pushed myself here, especially on the downs. This is all motorized trail, so there were a lot drops and big loose rocks. I sprained my ankle somewhere in this section during the night.

Canyon Descent

This part seems like it will never end. Instead of going down a single canyon, it crosses up and over a few canyons just when you want to cruise down to the finish. Through in a bunch of mandatory stream crossings and it really slows you down.


  • Distance: 102 miles
  • Elevation: 19,171 ft
  • Time: 29:20:53
  • Place: 3rd

My experience

I ran this race without crew, pacers, and by myself for about 97 of the 102 miles! It was an absolutely solitary experience. There were no drones buzzing overhead and only a few other trail users.

Physically, I am really proud of my effort. I kept thinking the 4th place runner was going to catch me and I pushed myself to the limit for the last 30 miles. Although the last five miles I really slowed down, I have never had such a strong second half of a 100 miler. Typically, I fade out in the second half, but ended up 2 hours ahead of 4th and a little under 1.5 hours behind 2nd. The full results are on Ultrasignup.

Finisher's buckle for the Mace's Hideout 100

Finisher's buckle for the Mace's Hideout 100

In all, I highly recommend the race and Tempest Adventures. I’m currently signed up for the Creede 100 and Rio Grande 100 for their Triple Crown and am looking forward to these adventures and having another low key ultra experience!


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