2021 Mogollon Monster 100 Mile Race Report

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I am running this race again in 2022. See my target splits and other planning at Mogollon Monster 100 Mile Planning .

A week ago I attempted my second 100 mile ultra race, the Mogollon Monster 100 mile. This was one of the most brutal races I have competed in, but somehow I finished 11th!

rugged trails of the Mogollon Rim

rugged trails of the Mogollon Rim

About the Mogollon Monster

Race Notes

Heat was killer the first day and during the finish on the second. Took about five hours to get hydrated again after the 10 miles below the rim and the difficult climb during mid afternoon.

Horrible nausea kicked in around mile 85; tried to blast through, but heat, dehydration, and nausea are a tough combination. Was definitely close to 100F on the slopes. 🤢

Also had horrible gastro issues of a different kind in the first 20 miles. Lost about 20 minutes making unplanned stops. 💩

Trail was super rugged and washed out almost everywhere, but pro, Jeff Browning, blew the field away by hours.

First 100 mile finish

After a DNF at the Silverton Ultra Dirty 100 mile, this felt really good to bring home!

Mogollon Monster 100 mile race finisher belt buckle

Mogollon Monster 100 mile race finisher belt buckle


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